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Mar 4, 2023 - Mar 12, 2023

Introduction to Ayurveda (Online- Instructor Led)


This program occurs on WEEKENDS ONLY. - Introduction , Definition and History of Ayurveda. - Definition of Health in Ayurveda. - Basic concepts of Ayurveda and their relevance in diet and activity management in every individual – - Doshas (Body constitutions) - Dhathus (Body tissues) - Mala(Biological/metabolic waste products) - Concept of Agni(Digestive and metabolic fire) - Pancha mahabhoota (Five basic elements in the universe) - Preventive medicine in Ayurveda –Daily regimen and seasonal regimen. - Treatment plans in Ayurveda – - Palliative treatments like Diet therapy and Activity management. - Curative treatments like Panchakarma (Liver detox and rejuvenation therapies)




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