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Our Corporate Wellness Coach

Krishi Shaver | Vande Wellness

With a passion for holistic well-being and a background in education, Krisi brings a unique blend of expertise to the realm of individual and corporate wellness coaching. As a former teacher with a decade of experience in the education sector, she understands the demands and stresses that professionals face in today’s fast-paced work environments. This diverse background allows her to tailor wellness coaching sessions to meet the unique needs of the individual, fostering both physical and mental well-being. Leveraging her comprehensive knowledge of both pedagogy and yoga, she empowers individuals to cultivate balance, consistency, and vitality in their lives.

Ms. Krisi Shaver 

RYT 200 Yoga InstructorAccountability Coach

Krisi is patient and an excellent instructor. She individualizes instruction based on each client's needs. As a person, she is kind, thoughtful, non-judgmental and friendly.

Holly Hartman

Krisi's sessions were a blessing because it was an opportunity to change the association of workplace stress to workplace wellness. As a new teacher last year, she made my adjustment so much easier. I learned a lot of great breathing and stretching techniques that still help me today.

Tracie Mullens

Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness programs are designed to support and encourage a holistic approach to employee wellbeing by creating an organizational culture of health.

Corporate Meditation | Vande Wellness
Employees Wellness Program | Vande Wellness

While chronic diseases are the most prevailing and leading cause of death and disability due to lack of physical activity, constant stress, and poor food habits, incorporating a healthy lifestyle can improve quality of life and longevity. Corporate wellness programs have proven to reduce absenteeism and enhance productivity and employee health by incorporating health behaviors.
Vande wellness provides a variety of Holistic corporate wellness programs that can be tailored for employees of different levels of hierarchy and their work patterns. These programs can reduce burnout and improve the retention of efficient employees while reducing the cost of healthcare to the employee and the employer.

Corporate Members

Indus USA | client of Vande Wellness
neoage | client of Vande Wellness
intent | client of Vande Wellness
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