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Vande Wellness keeps its customers' satisfaction at the highest priority. From our staff to our services, everything we offer here at Vande Wellness is kept with you in mind. Take a moment and read some of our happy customers' reviews!

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It is rare to find a doctor who is as knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. Dr. Jain is such a doctor.

I knew it was time for me to take better care of myself when my joints started to be painful and my blood tests showed evidence of disease beginning to set in my body.  Since I had done two previous detox programs at dr. Jain’s wellness center, I knew that I would be in great hands with him.  And because I wasn’t able to travel to him because of the pandemic lockdown, and needed to do something quickly, I was happy to see that he offered a detox program done from home. In the initial consult, he determined that the 10-day program was best for my needs.

There were doubts that i would not be able to complete it. Dr jain explained each step of the process clearly. He sent me everything I needed; the detailed daily protocol to follow, all the herbs, oils and spices, even food!  Most importantly, he was very accessible to answer all my questions as the days progressed.

I quickly learned the daily routine.  My sleep improved, I was feeling less stress, my joints were less painful, my skin not as dry. I felt and looked better every day.

Every component of this program was designed specifically for my needs to bring me back to health.  In the phone call after the program ended, dr. Jain explained how to continue to build on the gains achieved.

Because you can do this on your schedule, this home detox program is for anyone who wants to reboot their body into a state of improved health and balance.  I’m very glad I did it!

Hasu Bonnie Lind

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