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About Ayurveda

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Ayurveda, known as Ayurvedic medicine, represents a time-honored Indian health system with roots dating back possibly 3,000 years. This traditional healthcare system, widely practiced in various Asian regions, serves as both preventive and curative care. Today, Ayurveda continues to be a preferred form of healthcare across large parts of the Eastern world, embraced either exclusively or in conjunction with modern medicine


To educate and spread awareness of “maintenance” of health using the principles of Modern medicine and Ayurvedic sciences.

Our experts consistently meet or exceed these expectations every day here at Vande Wellness to provide the best care for you.


•To spread the principles of Ayurveda using its 5000 years old knowledge of graceful aging by ‘maintenance of health’ and prevention of chronic lifestyle diseases.

•To empower each individual mentally, physically, and spiritually to become self-sufficient to manage their health through educating them with healthy lifestyle choices and stress reduction techniques.

•To develop an integrative model of health where various treatments for management of chronic diseases can be implemented under the care of Integrative and Ayurvedic medicine physicians to provide optimum health

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