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Back Pain Management with ayurvedic therapies

Musculoskeletal Disorder Management

An Insight to Your Musculoskeletal Woes-

The musculoskeletal system is the major bodily system in which most aches are inflicted. Aches and pains tell a great deal about yourself- your age group, your lifestyle, your culinary choices, your tolerance level….and what not. 

The pain you are suffering from mirrors you as a whole and makes you investigate what went wrong. Modern-day living is infamous for taking a toll on our health. It seems the only point we make time for our health is while scheduling the doctors’ appointments, that too after the disease has gripped on our well-being. Pain is mostly a
forgotten symptom of most diseases, yet is strong enough to cause distress. 

Following are some of the common most health conditions that affect our skeletal framework-

  • Intervertebral disc injuries., Sciatica, Spondylitis, spondylosis etc.

  • Neck pain 

  • Back pain

  • Sports injuries.

  • Yoga injuries.


Treatment plan at Vandewellness-

  • Whole person-centric root cause-based treatment
    Based on the ancient science of holistic healing, we have a unique and individualized approach to uproot the very cause of the disease you are suffering from.

  • We endorse the quality of life rather than symptomatic cure and take pride not in just curing your presenting complaints, but in reversing every past ailment you had been suffering from, thereby encapsulating a better future for you and your family as a whole. We heal the person as a whole
    rather than disease.

  • End-to-End relief tracking
    Our commitment will not end in dispensing you the appropriate medicine or the treatment course; rather, our team will stay connected with your relief progress and keep addressing even your mild concerns, physical, mental, or emotional.

  • We will help you imbibe a healthy diet and lifestyle

After analysing every aspect and root cause of the disease, we provide an explicit regimen and medication for each patient. We provide a distinct endorsement on yoga, meditation, exercise, diet, and lifestyle for each patient based on their Prakriti.

  • Hands-on experience since more than two decades

We have the best Ayurvedic/ integrative practitioners in Vandewellness who treat patients with efficacy, precision, and

triumphant clinical experience.


Ayurvedic management of pain

While addressing the pains and aches in Ayurveda, we often find that aggravated Vata dosha is the culprit. The Vata is said to be vitiated either due to the increased catabolic activities of the tissues or the obstruction to Vata’s normal pathways. Pacification of Vata dosha through therapeutic and behavioral alterations is commonly suggested as the solution here. 


It is achieved mainly by means of Snehana (oleation) and swedana (fomentation), which belong to the preparatory procedures of Panchakarma. 

Snehana will help to nourish the body tissues and provide lubrication for the joints. It can be done either as oil massage or as intake of medicated fats. The oils and fats are selected according to the strength of the patient and the disease.
Also, they act against the components like Eicosanoids that cause inflammation. Swedana aids in mitigating vata with its ushna(heat) property, clears the blockages allowing the free
movements of the dosha, and loosens the muscles. In addition to this, various Lepas (herbal pastes) can be applied to the affected area which helps increase the absorption and reduce the
swelling along with associated complaints. 


For neck pain and spondylosis, Greeva basti and Kati basti are done. Greeva basti is the pooling of medicated oil in the neck region by making a circular bund there whereas, in Kati basti, the low back region is chosen for the same. This relieves any kind of clogging and pain in the corresponding regions. Also, it improves circulation and flexibility there. Oils and medicated fats can nourish the dried up tissues too.


For conditions like Intervertebral disc injuries, again Kati basti, Lepas, etc can be employed and at times, thermal cauterisation is done depending on the severity. This helps to mitigate musculoskeletal pain and improve circulation. 


Basti (enema) is another treatment of prime importance as the rectum is rich in blood vessels and medicines get quickly absorbed through the mucosa.
Internal medications with vata mitigating herbs should be consumed according to the physician’s advice.

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