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Weight Management with ayurveda

Weight Management

Weight management Programs 

  • Discover a healthier you in our weight loss program.

  • Empower yourself to make positive lifestyle changes and achieve a sustainable optimum body composition.

  • You begin your retreat with an initial in-depth fitness assessment and diagnostics, that helps determine the optimal workout plan suited to your anatomy; one which will enable you to achieve the desired goals. 

Particularly recommended for –

  • Obesity

  • Those who have difficulty losing or gaining weight.

  • Fatigue due to overweight.

  • Diabetes.

  • Suffering from insulin resistance.

  • Sedentary lifestyle.

  • Cardiac health.

  • Increased fat deposits.

Weight management retreat include:

  • All our retreats are doctor -guided programs that address lifestyle ailments and many other conditions. These are comprehensive retreats that integrates protocols from natural and alternative medicine.

  • If you have a chronic health condition or a symptom that you can’t manage anymore, our doctors are here to treat you. By taking professional help, not only can you lower the impact of long-term use of medicine, but also reduce the cost of your illness to your body and mind.

  • Our medical team will advice you on the recommended duration of the programme based on your wellness objectives and underlying health conditions. Your progress will be closely observed by our team.

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