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Relaxation and
Rejuvenation Therapy 

Our lives have increasingly become more and more stressful. Be it the pressures and expectations of the professional life or fulfilling the various commitments of the personal sphere, there is a lot going on that is impacting our mental and physical health. Urban life has its own challenges that nobody can escape and the more we get into the rut of this ‘chasing the dream’ kind of lifestyle, the more we tend to move away from the little pleasures of life. This is why, our mind, body, and soul demand some rejuvenation every now and then just to reconnect with our inner selves and find those nuanced pleasures of life that we keep missing in our daily lives. And Ayurveda Rejuvenation Therapy can do that for you. 


For finding that connection again, treat yourself with Rasayana Chikitsa (Rejuvenation therapy).Vandewellness, a place to reinvigorate the true you in a peaceful, alluring, and endearing atmosphere. A place that will rekindle your romance with life, a place to go back to the roots and treat your body with something special. 

Rejuvenation therapy is one such treatment that completely revitalizes your body, eliminates the ill effects of previous disorders, regenerates cells, promotes calmness of mind, heals bones and nerves, and even slows down the aging process. Not just that, it also increases blood circulation and deeply detoxifies your skin. For a simple Ayurveda therapy that provides so many benefits, you must try it at least once and see how it impacts your body and soul. 


Rasayana specifically means nutrition at all levels from macro to microcellular level. Rasayana brings normalcy to rasdhatu and thus brings and maintains other dhatus (body tissues) in equilibrium for a longer period of time. The term Rasayana is derived from Sanskrit and is made up of two different words. While Rasa means the basic essence that nourishes our bodies, Ayana signifies path. So, Rasayana holistically means a path of nourishment. And this is not only for the body, but it also boosts your vitality, strengthens your immune system, and improves your mental and physical abilities. 

Rejuvenation therapy is a classic combination of Ayurvedic treatments with oils and herbs that are used to massage and calm the entire body. Special treatments are designed for specific body parts like the eyes, forehead, and face. A perfect treatment for people of all ages, Rejuvenation therapy doesn’t have to be undertaken if you are suffering from an ailment. Since Rasayana aims at revitalizing the body essentials and promotes longevity, it can be taken by anyone who wishes to have a rejuvenating experience.


As part of the Rejuvenation Therapy in Ayurveda, a complete body assessment is done by the experts, and on the basis of that, the therapy is designed. At Vandewellness, we make sure that the therapy program is custom-made for your requirements and it provides you the best possible results. Coming to Vandewellness means you leave your worries behind and indulge in classic Ayurveda treatments that will relax your mind and rejuvenate your body. This 2-week therapy is perfect not only for those who are suffering from ailments but also for those who wish to simply relax and treat themselves to some self-indulgence. 


Ayurveda is an ancient practice that aims to create harmony between the body and the soul. Even though there are several kinds of Ayurveda treatments available, Rejuvenation therapy provides complete relaxation to your body. It enhances your senses and makes a lasting impact on your mind. The calmness you feel after this amazing Ayurvedic treatment can only be experienced. For centuries, Ayurveda has been practiced in India and even though the benefits of this age-old practice were lost somewhere in transition, people are realizing its worth once again. This globally recognized way of treating your mind and soul is now a popular way of indulging yourself. 


At Vandewellness, we make sure that your visit is totally worth it. We are a group of professional Ayurveda practitioners with an aim to spread the several benefits of Ayurveda. We provide authentic treatments and our experience, expertise and unprecedented services have gained us a loyal clientele who come to us for all kinds of treatment. We enjoy a great reputation among our customers, who often refer us for all Ayurveda-related therapies. 

We adhere to the highest standards of customer service and professional ethics, making us one of the best wellness center.

Apart from Rejuvenation therapy, we also provide Anti-Aging, Detox, Immunity booster, Healthy Slimming, and Radiant Beauty treatments. 

So, if you wish to give your body and soul that much-needed calming therapy, visit us for a rejuvenating experience as one of our locations in Palm Coast, FL, Plano, TX, Cypress, TX or Lakewood, OH.

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