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Home Panchakarma Program

Home Detox Program


One of the most important practices in Ayurveda is the seasonal cleanse.  This serves to help preserve and restore your health by drawing out and eliminating toxins and excess vita, pitta, and kapha from the tissues and digestive tract.  Over a period of time, ama (or toxins) gets accumulated within the body, resulting in diseases. To prevent that from happening, it’s necessary to detox your body regularly.

A guided home cleanse from Vandewellness is a great way to experience the power and transformation of Ayurveda.



We live in a time where advancement in modern technology and rise of machines have contributed significantly to pollution in the environment. The body and the mind are constantly exposed to pollutants in the form of harmful food, chemicals, radiation, atmospheric changes etc. Some of these we are able to metabolise and throw out of the body. Others remain undigested and form ama or toxins, which do not get thrown out of the body. This waste material circulates throughout the body, eventually getting stored in the weak spots, leading to a host of disorders. Therefore, to enjoy good health, it is important to go for detoxification periodically.



Ama can form in anyone - the elderly or the young, the healthy or the unhealthy. This means detox is for everyone. Those who are sick can detox their body as part of their treatment. People who are healthy should do it as a preventive measure.



We have come up with a very simple way to cleanse the body naturally. The process can be done at home under the guidance of our experts.


Home detox program includes a three-dimensional approach:


  1. Destabilize the toxins from the deeper cells of the body


  1. Increase the body’s capacity to burn the ama or toxins


  1. Expel them from the body through purgation


These objectives are achieved through the use of very simple techniques like:


Oiling: This is done both externally and internally. Some popular methods of oiling are self-massage, oil pulling, and putting two drops of oil in each ear and the nostrils.


Steam Therapy: Steam can be taken in through sauna or hot water showers.


Herbal Teas: Individualised Herbal tea and other natural decoctions help clean the srotas (channels) of different tissues.


In addition to this, yoga, meditation, and a restricted diet are also the part of the program. They help achieve better balance in the energy flow of the body. This, in turn, makes the natural healing systems of the body function normally.


Home detox benefits-

  • A complete guided programme by the Vandewellness Ayurvedic team (Complete daily guidance and advice from an Ayurvedic Doctor)

  • The world’s best Ayurvedic detox treatment in your own home and time

  • Continue your day to day life while benefiting from this home detox process

  • Save time travelling to a distant centre

  • Save on the cost of travelling

  • The first line of treatment for any health problems

  • Not only for people suffering from a disease – It is also good for healthy people to maintain their current health.

  • Along with getting treated for health problems, the treatment will also help with weight-loss

For more information on our Home Detox Program, please contact one of our offices in

Palm Coast, FL, Plano, TX, Cypress, TX, Lakewood, OH

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