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Ayurvedic Panchakarma




The traditional science of Ayurvedic Panchakarma offers the most natural and complete cleanse. It is the ideal method of detoxifying and rejuvenating the body and mind and healing from within.

The Panchakarma programme is for 21 nights and follows 3 distinct stages.

The first stage is Purvakarma or pre-purification measures. 

Before purification begins, there is a need to prepare the body to aid toxin removal. The programme starts with improving digestion both at the cellular and gastrointestinal level through digestive juice stimulants (dipana), and digestants (pachana). 

This is followed by Snehapana or escalating consumption of medicated ghee for three to seven days, depending on the strength and nature of an individual. Next is Snehana which is the application of oil to the entire body with a massage technique that helps toxins move towards the gastrointestinal tract. Alongside Svedana or therapeutic sweating and is given every day immediately following the Snehana. 

The second stage consists of main panchakarma cleansing therapies which include Vamana (emesis), Virechana (Purgation), Kashaya basti (Decoction enema), Sneha basti (medicated oil enema) and Nasyam (elimination of toxins through the nasal passages and para-nasal sinuses. 

The third stage is Paschatkarma( post-purification) which focuses on special diets to rest and rejuvenate the cleansed system, along with natural herbal remedies to replenish the digestive enzymes and immune system. 

Lifestyle changes are prescribed following return from Vandewellness centre.

Panchakarma is a very special Ayurvedic procedure and requires proper guidance from a highly trained and skilful Ayurvedic practitioner. At Vandewellness, Panchakarma is performed under the supervision of our expert Ayurvedic doctors and customized for each guest with their specific constitution in mind. While the sessions are a broad guideline of inclusions, Panchakarma programme is customized for each individual based on age group, health conditions, constitution, gender and other factors like digestion, and existing toxin levels. Hence it is important to share a detailed medical history prior to the inception of the programme. Based on this assessment and with a detailed consultation on arrival, a customized programme will be planned and executed.


Who can take Panchakarma Detox?

Ayurvedic Panchakarma detox is used as the foundational therapy to cure all chronic illness. Even the people without any chronic illnesses can go through panchakarma detox for general well-being.

  • Lifestyle under constant stress and feel tired all the time – poor blood and lymph circulation.

  • Addicted to tobacco, alcohol or drugs, if you are willing to stay away from them during therapy.

  • Taking prescription medicines for a long period.

  • Suffering from ailments such as arthritis, rheumatism, chronic digestive problems, constipation, migraine etc.

  • Eating unhealthy diet and lack of sleep.


How will you Benefit from Panchakarma Treatment?

  • Removal of toxins helps in restoring natural biochemistry. 

  • Improved metabolism helps in Prana body to stay energetic.

  • Removal of Lactic Acid from the muscles and joints through regular massages.

  • Helps in Hormonal balance.

  • Improved blood circulation helps to restore appetite, sleep quality, concentration and memory.

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