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Panchakarma Detox Therapy

Welcome to our Ayurveda Wellness - Panchakarma Retreat, where each day is tailored to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. Immerse yourself in a transformative experience guided by Ayurvedic principles and expert insights.

Upcoming Retreats

7 Day Retreat Schedule

Day 1: Rejuvenation Day

Day 2: Balancing Energies

Day 3: Mindful Connection Day

Day 4: Detoxification Day

Day 5: Inner Harmony Day

Day 6: Reflection and Departure

Note: The schedule is subject to change based on individual preferences and the guidance of our Ayurveda experts. We encourage you to embrace each day with an open heart and a commitment to your well-being.


Indulge in the refined art of Ayurvedic rejuvenation through the exquisite experience of Virechana Panchakarma. Unveil the allure of a detoxification ritual that transcends the ordinary, harmonizing your body, mind, and spirit in an opulent dance of ancient wisdom and modern grace.

Dosha Symphony:
Attune your being by orchestrating the harmonious balance of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas.

Purification Ballet:
Witness a choreographed detox spectacle as Virechana elegantly eliminates accumulated toxins, gracefully escorting away remnants of modern living.

Digestive Elegance:
Awaken your digestive fire to a refined cadence, orchestrating a ballet of nutrient absorption and gastronomic finesse.

Skin Serenade:
Immerse yourself in a sonnet of skin rejuvenation, as Virechana composes a symphony of purity through blood purification.

Liver Waltz:
Indulge in the grace of liver detoxification, where each movement contributes to the ballet of inner health and efficiency.

Weight Poise:
Achieve a dance of equilibrium in weight management, as Virechana whispers balance to excess Kapha, bidding adieu to water retention.

Mindful Allegro:
Experience a mindful allegro as Virechana’s detoxifying notes elevate mental clarity, conducting a symphony of focus and alertness.

Pitta Sonata:
Find solace in a Pitta sonata, alleviating disorders with the gentleness of Ayurvedic melodies.

Inflammation Ballet:
Gracefully dance through the alleviation of inflammation, a choreographed ode to well-being for joints and skin alike.

Vitality Euphony:
Bask in the euphony of vitality, where Virechana orchestrates an encore of energy and a renewed sense of well-being.

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