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About Us

Age Gracefully with Vande Wellness


VANDE WELLNESS Center is here to provide a place where clients can come to learn healthy lifestyle choices, stress reduction techniques and optimum nutritional guidelines to create vibrant health. We specialize in helping clients create a state of vibrant and optimum health through the science of cellular detoxification.

Dr. Vijay Jain created Mind Body Wellness Center in 2009, inspired by his personal experience of healing from a chronic autoimmune disease by Integrating the modalities of Modern Medicine, Yoga and Ayurveda. He then used the same modalities for management of Lifestyle diseases, metabolic diseases, other autoimmune conditions, and cancer.

Dr. Jain believes that integrating the western medical systems to eastern practices of stress reduction, Yoga and Ayurveda (a holistic system on its own) is superior to each of the systems alone.

Mr. Murali Prasanna, a businessperson, met Dr. Jain and was inspired by his concepts and now taking these mind body wellness concepts to create Vande Wellness, a company that will spread the message globally by opening several centers starting with Florida, USA.


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