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Dr. Vijay Jain

Vaidya. Jyotsna Chitrapu BAMS, MD(AYU), PG-PIA

Vaidya Jyotsna Chitrapu is a compassionate and committed Ayurveda Acharya with 4 years of experience in providing personalized care to patients. She has a strong background in Ayurvedic medicine, clinical investigation, therapy, counseling, and patient education. As a Clinical Research Scientist at Patanjali Research Foundation, she advised on Ayurvedic drug applications, conducted efficacy reviews, and evaluated physiological processes through well-designed studies. In her role as an Ayurvedic practitioner at Ayushvedham Clinic, she developed personalized care plans, prescribed treatments for acute and chronic conditions, and promoted patient safety through educational programs. Additionally, she served as an Assistant Professor (Dravyaguna) at Baba Hiradasji Ayurvedic Medical College and has a research background with projects in polyphenol bioavailability. Her dedication to compassionate care and holistic wellness through Ayurveda makes her a valuable asset to any healthcare organization or research institution.

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